Colorblind Father Sees Color For The First Time Uses Special Glasses

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Opie Hughes has been colorblind all his life without the ability to see reds and greens.

For his birthday, the Pennsylvania dad got a life changing present — special glasses that allow him to see color for the very first time and he was overcome by emotion.

Opie is using EnChroma glasses which enable colorblind people to see colors. Opie states that his girlfriend had found the glasses on line, but they were too expensive to purchase at the time. ($340 to $440 a pair) A small cost for the gift of sight!

Opie’s sister, who also uploaded this video, set up a #GoFundMe account for him and the last dollar came in on his birthday so she had them rush delivered!

Check out the #video below. It shows Opie putting on the glasses for the first time. This was the first time he has been able to see the color of his children’s eyes, the color of flowers, cars and the world around him! You go science!!!


Here is a video from EnChroma explaining how the glasses work!

Source : Youtube

EnChroma is proud to announce our collaboration with the Valspar Paints # ColorForAll campaign.