Comedian Theo Von Interviews Tiger King’s ‘Doc’ Antle And Asks The Hard Hitting Questions We All Want Answers To

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If you are not familiar with Theo Von, it’s probably time become familiar with him, because he is absolutely hilarious!

Von brings his natural ability to be funny to his podcast ‘This Past Weekend‘, which is is incredibly entertaining. In Von’s most recent podcast he interviewed ‘Doc’ Antle from Netflix’s popular documentary ‘Tiger King‘.

If you are unfamiliar with the ‘Tiger King‘, do yourself a favor and check it out on Netflix. With much of the world stuck inside quarantining, the documentary has been watched millions upon millions of times and the internet has become absolutely obsessed. The document truly is filled with murder, mayhem and madness. Oh, and tigers.

If you have watched the documentary, there is no doubt you have some questions and Von tries to get those questions answered in his interview with ‘Doc’.

“Doc” Antle

Questions like:

“So doc do you think Joe Exotic was actually gay or it was just a lot of drug induced homosexuality?”

“What did Netflix get wrong, or what did they portray that wasn’t true?”

“Do you think Carol Baskin had anything to do with her husband’s disappearance?”

Take a look at the ‘This Past Weekend’ episode with Doc below!