Your Complete Guide to the Basics of Backpacking Insurances

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When we’re talking about a backpacker insurance, we’re talking about a single trip policy that was made to help people who are traveling for a long time, or who are on a budget. This usually means that you’ll only need the essentials, without paying much more money. We’re choosing the best backpacker insurance australia for our trips, we’re definitely not disappointed.

Why should I get the backpacker insurance?

We’re sure you spent some time thinking about this trip, and it will probably not come cheap. We know that the travel insurance seems useless, but it’s actually really important. If something happens, then you’d likely spend more money with it, instead of how much money you had spent on a travel insurance. Let’s say you missed your flight, this means new tickets, so more money. Let’s say you got injured, this means hospital bills, so more money. Let’s say you lost your luggage, this means you don’t get paid enough by the airport, so..more money. Let’s focus on the medical bills, because this is what usually happens to those unfortunate on their trip. You think you don’t get sick that often, or that you’re lucky enough for nothing to happen to you. Well, can you honestly guarantee that? What if you actually get into an accident and you have to pay hundreds of dollar on your medical bills, just because you didn’t want to pay some more money from the beginning on an insurance. Think about the fact that even food can make you sick.

What should I include in the insurance?

The idea is to keep a low cost while getting a decent cover.

Cancellation– it will protect you if you’re at financial loss due to cancelling your trip before it even starts. There are different rules for the companies and you must have a valid reason for cancelling it.

Curtailment – it will protect you if you need to cut your trip short if something happens when you’re away from home. For example, one of your loved ones dies or is really sick.

Emergency Medical Expenses – it will protect you if you hurt yourself while on trip.

Repatriation – it will help you when you’re going home if it’s medically necessary for you to do that. Always check out the policy regarding pre-existing medical conditions.

Luggage – it will help you if the airline loses your baggage or if something is stolen of your bag (let’s say laptop). Keep in mind that the policies come with a limit for baggage and then a separate one for single articles. Others have add-ons for your valuable things.

Personal Accidents – it’s a bit different from the Emergency Medical Expenses. This one will help you if you can prove that you’ve becomed partially or totally disabled.