Confederate Flag Truck Parade In Dalton, Georgia Ends With Hilarious Bang

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Poor driving, or instant karma?

Whatever the reason, trucks displaying the Confederate Flag in a parade type setting in Dalton, Georgia collided while being filmed by an irate African-American man. The situation could not be any more suiting and it is a true pleasure to watch and witness!

While at a gas station, a man filmed truck after truck driving by, all having the Confederate Flag propped up high in their truck beds. The mans commentary was rather funny, vulgar and spot on!

The cameraman even shows us that the roads were blocked off by local police for this Confederate Flag parade. The cameraman saying at one point ‘I wonder what kind of parade we could have?’.

Towards the tail end of the video, the cameraman pans down the road where three of the Confederate Flag yielding trucks collide into one another. Laughter and excitement is heard on camera and the best saying from the whole video is born ‘God don’t like ugly’!

*Warning – Video includes strong language. 

(via – liveleak)