Connor Ray – The Underground Indie Photographer Who’s Tiny Prints Are In High Demand

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Connor Ray may not be a household name and Connor Ray may not sell works at massive art galleries – but this artist’s prints are in high demand.

And Connor Ray just put them online in a series of limited print runs.

Nobody knows if Connor Ray is a man or a woman, and no one knows Connor’s age or location in the world – but all of that seems to add to the mystery surrounding the collector value of Connor Ray prints.

Something that we found pretty cool and unique about Connor Ray, is that the works are only offered in one size – 4″ x 4″. They all come framed, signed by Connor Ray and numbered.

After checking out – it would appear that while Connor Ray finds beauty in the little things in life, offering prints in one small size only, allows for the consumer to find the beauty in the little things as well.

A neat and rather artsy/indie concept for sure.

Although, there is a disclaimer on the website that states that some prints may be offered in a larger size – but that appears to be rare for sure.

We only found two prints, under the (5 Max) section of the website, that are offered larger than 4″ x 4″. ‘5 Max’, referring to the fact that the prints are part of a print run of just five. Once sold, they will not be offered again to the public.

While the tiny prints are not the cheapest, you are paying for the uniqueness, the scarceness and the name! While all prints are signed and numbered, there is no doubt that the aftermarket for these prints will pick up in coming years.

In fact, we did find a few Ebay listings for Connor Ray pieces that sold for a decent chunk of change.

While I was doing a little research on Connor Ray, I will admit I did grab two prints for the office space!

Another interesting fact about Connor Ray, is that 10% of all revenue made from CR prints, goes back into the art community – so that’s pretty rad!
You can check out Connor Ray’s works at