Considerations In Duct Cleaning Mississauga

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Duct cleaning Mississauga is not a waste of money at all. In fact, cleaning the air ducts could be considered as saving money in the long run. Over time, duct and other contaminants accumulate in the ductwork, resulting in low-quality indoor air. You may not be required to clean the air ducts every day as the other surfaces, but it should be done regularly.

However, duct cleaning is important; sometimes, it may turn out wrong if you do not think about it. It is important to consider all the facts and understand why you have decided to have your air ducts cleaned. Here are a few things to consider before settling for duct cleaning Mississauga that may help homeowners.


1. Note That There Are So Many Duct Cleaning Scams

Just like any other industry, there are so many scammers in the services for air duct cleaning Mississauga. Most scammers will not follow the usual procedure but will come knocking at your doorstep asking to provide their services at a discount.

Some scammers will demand extra money, claiming that your ductwork requires extra services. On estimate, legit contractors provide services on a charge of between $500 and $1,500 regardless of the work that must be done on your ductwork.

You need to do proper initial research before settling for a contractor to work with. You should ask for proof of license and registration to determine whether the contractor is real. Evaluate and understand the official licenses for the company you want to work with just in case of forgery.

Some contractors may also turn out to be scammers, even if they are from a known company. Some may ask for only cash payments and not to the company accounts. To avoid being scammed, ensure you deal with the company directly and don’t make payments to personal accounts.

Always ask for a written agreement about the services that are going to be provided and the exact charges for them.

2. Duct Cleaning Only May Not Prevent Health Issues

Although duct cleaning Mississauga is a step toward preventing health issues, it may not work if you leave other surfaces dusty, like the carpets. Duct cleaning only works to minimize the impacts of allergic reactions but is not a cure for allergies or other respiratory issues.

You should note that cleaning the air ducts together with other surfaces greatly improves indoor air quality. However, cleaning only the air ducts and leaving the carpets, curtains, and other surfaces dirty may not make any significant difference.

Other factors affect the quality of air inside, such as cooking and vacuuming. This is to mean that dirty air ducts may not always be the cause of the poor-quality air inside. You should take time to inspect and determine the cause of the problem before rushing to have the air ducts cleaned, only to later find out that the problem was something else.

3. Dust Buildup On The Registers Does Not Necessarily Mean The Ducts Are Dirty

However, this may be the case most of the time, and it is important to confirm that the ducts are dirty before deciding to have them cleaned. Sometimes the registers may trap the dust, but this does not mean the dust has already got into the air ducts.

Regularly wipe the registers unless you are certain you need to have the air ducts cleaned. You should also often change the air filters to prevent dust from entering the air ducts.

4. Improper Cleaning Creates More Issues Than Solutions

If the contractors are inexperienced, they may cause more damage than good to your air ducts. For instance, if they do not know how to use the tools, they may create points of leakage in the air ducts, which later allow moisture and eventually mold build-up.

Always research the best technicians before hiring any. You can seek reviews from online websites or seek recommendations from friends and relatives who have worked with a company.

5. Duct Cleaning Should Not Be A Do-It-Yourself Project

You may end up harming yourself or releasing more contaminants in the air if you decide to do air duct cleaning Mississauga by yourself.