Construction Worker Hides Waldo On Job Site Everyday For Kids In Hospital Next Door To Find!

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Construction worker Jason Haney is working a job right next door to a children’s hospital. He came up with an idea that would give the children in the hospital a little bit of fun everyday.

His daughter helped him create an 8-foot-tall cutout of ‘Where’s Waldo’ and everyday they hide Waldo on the construction site and the kids next door at Memorial Children’s Hospital would try to find him!

It doesn’t stop there though. As soon as word got out that the kids indeed have found Waldo, then the cutout is moved to another spot and so on and so forth!

Haney created a Facebook group for the kids to participate in also! Haney and his daughter are already plotting their next project involving cutout “Minions”.

His goal was to figure out a way to cheer up the kids at the next door children’s hospital.


The construction process! Not bad I’d say!


The children absolutely love trying to find Waldo!


Oh, there he is!



Can you find him?


How about now?


Such an incredible idea and heart warming gesture! Kudos to you Mr. Haney!


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