Cop Sexually Assaults A Woman In Court, She Tells The Judge, Gets Ignored, Arrested And Loses Her Child

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Now this is a very disturbing news cast to watch.

This story begins with a young woman named Monica and her two-year-old daughter attending a simple divorce court hearing. The initial hearing only took a few moments, but what happened after is very, very disturbing.

After the hearing, Monica entered the court room again, with her two-year-old daughter. In the court room with Monica and her daughter, was a male Marshal, a male police officer and the female Judge that had just presided over her divorce hearing.

Monica wanted to inform the judge that she felt that something bad had taken place prior to the initial hearing. Monica claims that while she was waiting in the waiting area, the Marshal (the same one in the court room with her), took her into an empty room and advised her that she needed to be searched. He proceeded to touch her breasts, buttocks and he made her lift her shirt. Her request for a female officer to conduct this random search was denied as Monica states.

As Monica is telling the Judge these claims, the Judge doesn’t seem to care. The Judge is playing with Monica’s daughter and paying very little attention Monica’s claims. The Marshal however, is listening loud and clear. He advised the courtroom police officer to arrest Monica and he states he is going to taker her kid away as well. As the police officer is trying to arrest her, the Judge pays no attention, in fact, the Judge turns her back to Monica, as she pleads with the Judge to pay attention.

Monica asks why she is being arrested and the Marshal states that she has broken the law by making a false claim on a police officer. It was found that no such law exists. The Marshal then tells Monica that if she steps up to the microphone and recants her statements, he will not arrest her.

Monica steps up to the microphone, but she does not recant, instead she pleads even louder to the Judge and looks the Marshal in the eyes and tells him exactly what he did to her. Monica is then placed in handcuffs and her little girl is taken into state custody.

It was later found that Monica was in fact telling the truth the entire time and the Marshal was fired. This sadly all that came from this situation.

In our opinion, the Judge should be impeached or disbarred for good. It was truly heartbreaking to watch this poor young woman lose her child and plead to Judge who could have cared less.

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