Cop Who Slept With Half The Police Department Gets Chief Fired Claiming He Knew What Was Going Down

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Former Tennessee officer Maegan Hall made big headlines last month when she, and five other police officers from the LaVergne Police Department were fired for engaging in sexual acts together.

Now, the Chief of police has been fired.

Source – The Tennessee police chief overlooking the investigation of romp cop Maegan Hall was fired on Monday after an outside investigator determined he knew about her sex spree with several officers.

La Vergne Police Chief Burrel ‘Chip’ Davis covered up Hall’s sexual misconduct with six officers while simply telling her not to ‘dip your pen in company ink,’ according to a recording obtained by 

A third-party investigator hired to look into how much Davis knew about the steamy romps concluded he prevented an initial investigation and failed to discipline or report the officers involved. …

It is unclear when Davis found out about the steamy romps but Hall claimed he created an environment that encouraged the behavior.  …

Throughout the investigation, Davis contributed to the findings but was never named as a participant in the scandal. While it is unknown when Davis was informed about the sexual misconduct, the former police chief acted ‘shocked’ when the formal investigation occurred [and] they touched upon everything from games of ‘strip Uno’ to foot fetish photos and wife-swapping sessions.

It must have been a hard job for big ol’ Chip. Managing a full police force, heaving paperwork workload and having an officer who won’t stop sleeping with half of the force. What a stressful job…hopefully he was able to find a way to relieve stress at work.