Calling All Puzzle Masters – Costco Sells A 60,000 Piece Puzzle That Is 29-Feet Long

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Remember back in the day when a 1,000 piece puzzle seemed like a massive undertaking? Well you can multiply that by 60, because Costco has a puzzle that is comprised of a whopping 60,000 pieces. Oh, and it’s 29-feet long!

Crazy right?

The What a Wonderful World puzzle consists of 60 extra-large 1,000-piece puzzles that, when combined, form a larger puzzle that is 8 feet tall and 29 feet long!

Each box comes with 60 individually bagged puzzles, 60 large puzzle reference posters, and a demonstration of where to place each puzzle. Make sure that you have enough room to put this beast of a puzzle together…because you are going to need it.

The puzzle  features images of 187 different paintings from the Dowdle art studio. These paintings are of different places such as islands in the Pacific, famous cities such as Paris, iconic landmarks like the Taj Mahal, and of course, America’s National Parks.

The puzzle will ship from Costco for free, but it will set you back about $600!