Couple Get 2 Million Dollar Verizon Phone Bill – May Lose Dream Home

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Nobody likes dealing with bills. Especially really big, incorrect bills. But one couple in Oregon is facing not just a comically large cell phone bill—$2 million for one month of service—but the urgent need to take care of it so that they can qualify for the mortgage on their dream house.

Ken Slusher started receiving odd phone bills the moment he signed on with Verizon. The first bill should have only been roughly $120, except Slusher received a bill for $698 and change, the next bill, just $9.

Slusher returned both phones to the Verizon store and cancelled his service. Now, Slusher’s bill is in excess of 2 million dollars and has been sent to collections. Verizon has admitted the mistake but has failed to clear up the issue. If Slusher does not have the issue cleared up in 24 hours, he may lose his dream home as his mortgage company will not process the loan.

Way to go Verizon! At this point Verizon should just pay for Slusher’s new home and call it good, don’t you think?


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