Maine Couple Acting Out Kinky Fantasy In The Woods…Gets A Huge, Embarrassing Surprise!

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couple Maine woods fantasy


When you are out for a stroll through the Maine woods, you expect to see gorgeous trees, streams and wildlife. One thing you don’t think you are going to find, is a naked woman tied to a tree!

Well, that is exactly what one passer-bier found recently as they were walking through the woods in Hampden.

According to WCSH-6, police and EMT’s were called the woods of Hampden after a passerby reported seeing a woman tied to a tree.

Concerned for her safety, police and EMT’s promptly arrived on scene, however…the woman was not in distress. In fact, she was just fine.

The woman was tied to the tree as part of a casual sexual encounter. The couple was ‘role playing’ a fantasy that they shared. The person who called police, was not supposed to see them.

Sadly, the couple were not able to finish out their fantasy, but something tells me their next role playing session may include a man or woman in uniform!

This is certainly a Maine attraction you won’t find at any rest stop map!