Couple Transforms Old Yellow School Bus Into An Amazing Tiny Home!

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Jeremy and Mira Thompson turned an everyday big, old yellow school bus into a remarkable cozy home. This isn’t your average, turn a school bus into a cool, traveling home…this looks and feels like a real ‘tiny’ home!

The bus itself was actually produced back in 1989, and took a grand total of four years for the couple to complete. While it may not be the “newest” thing on the block, it’s definitely the co thing on the block…

bushouse2 bushouse3

The idea came to them when they realized they wanted to have the freedoms to travel around but also wanted something semi-permanent and a little closer to home.


The kitchen includes a fully functioning fridge, sink and stove.


Along with a little space to kick back and read, the bus-house is equipped with a cast iron stove to keep you warm on those chilly evenings!


The bedroom area is cozy and designed really well. Above the bed is an area that is used to relax, read or play music.





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