A Couple Visiting Yellowstone National Park Got A Surprise Of A Lifetime

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On a recent trip to Yellowstone National Park, Suzie Hollingsworth did not expect to go be involved in a head-on collision. She certainly didn’t expect that collision to involve a bison. Check out the video below to see the action!

Traffic comes to a stop as a few bison, headed toward the car, begin to pass through.
As recorded video revealed, the bison continue to get closer to Suzie’s car, until finally – BOOM! Her black Nissan SUV gets a major head on hit by one of the rams.


The damage turned out to be $2,787.82 according to Tom Carter who was with Suzie.

“That’s more than a dollar per pound of the 2,000 pound bison!”

This should serve as a huge reminder that despite our roads and automobiles, we are only guests in certain parts of nature. And nature is unpredictable in many different ways.

Despite the damage, these two have an awesome story to tell!

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