Couples That Fart Together…Stay Together!

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There is something to be said about a couple that is comfortable enough to pass gas around and with one another. We all do it, farting is natural process/function that every human body does and has. Some people are absolutely repulsed by the act of farting, some are embarrassed and others…well…they can’t get enough of it.

If you find yourself holding in your farts around your partner, sneaking off to another room to let one rip or even pulling off the ‘squeeze the cheeks’ routine, your relationship has yet to see the best it can/will be!

Once you and your partner are able to play the anal anthem together, laugh and pass gas freely, your relationship will take on a whole new meaning. There is now a comfort level that many couples simply do not have, but it is a comfort level that is very, very important to a personal relationship.

Remember, we are talking about a ‘personal, loving relationship’ here, not a business relationship. Throwing around an ass biscuit around your boss or fellow employees with most certainly NOT make your relationship with them stronger.


I can remember being in relationships where shooting off a zinger was a big no-no. The comfort level was just not there and it would become awkward when a silent but deadly cheek flapper would slip out and my partner would cringe. There is a reason those kind of relationships don’t work. If you are not comfortable enough to drop a bomb and empty the tank around your partner, that relationship probably won’t last long. The longer you wait to fire a fizzler around your partner will also determine the overall longevity of your relationship.

Those poor, fartless relationships are long gone and I have since found the woman of my dreams. One who from the beginning embraced her flatulence and we were able to fire fowl howls together and continue to do so to this day.

There are a few reasons as to why couples that fart together, stay together. One, as mentioned above, is that the comfort level is clearly better when couples are able to shoot a few poops together. Two, by being able to pass gas around one another, you have crossed an uncomfortable line that you don’t want to ever have to cross again with anyone else. Three, couples that poof puffy’s together are able to laugh, joke and just be themselves around each other.

Being able to fart with your partner almost has a metaphoric aspect to the act. There is a level of honestly and openness that tooting lovers have that non-tooting lovers don’t. This honestly and openness will surely make for a long, healthy and at times smelly relationship!

So the next time you feel a gas bubble moving and grooving, relax, let it go and talk openly about it with your partner, get over the awkward hump and you will only be that much closer to one another!

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