Craigslist Shuts Down And Removes All Of Its Personals Sections

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craigslist shuts down personals sections

In response to the Senate passing H.R.1865, an anti-online sex trafficking bill that has the potential to seriously harm consenting, adult sex workers, Craigslist has removed its all of its personals sections. Even the platonic ones.

Early Friday morning, Craigslist made a public post regarding the bill commonly known as FOSTA (Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act) that explained the logic behind their decision to shut down one of the most widely-used subsections of the platform. The message was straight and to the point:

In the new FOSTA world, websites like Craigslist and Backpage where sex workers commonly posted ads for their services would be legally responsible for the whatever kinds of illegal interactions users ultimately took part in.

The decision by Craigslist may seem drastic, but it is one that will protect the site owner and in reality, protect many men, women and children that have no doubt been trafficked on the platform.