The Most Unusual Jackpot Stories

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We’ve all heard the stories of people who win casino jackpots and with the growing popularity of online casinos, these stories are becoming more frequent. Finding the best online casino to play at is easy, and there are plenty of stories of players who’ve won life changing jackpots on their mobile phones or sitting at home playing slots in their pyjamas. We started looking at some of the most unusual, weird, and wonderful stories of people who’ve won casino jackpots.

These are the stories of real people who’ve won huge sums of money. If you want more, you can also take a look at our other jackpot stories too including the woman who was offered a steak dinner instead of a 43 million slot jackpot or the woman who was denied her jackpot after the slot showed winnings of 8 million.

Dreaming of Winning a Casino Jackpot

This story is quite bizarre. Taxi driver, Goksel Selay, dreamt about winning his jackpot before it happened. The 53-year-old from Swanley ended his shift early a couple of days after his winning dream and went to Genting Club Westcliff in Southend where he won 89,850 pounds playing blackjack. He couldn’t believe his luck and stated that he’d has a dream about winning big money a few days previous and had even told his wife about. Prophetic dream or just pure luck?

Grandma Breaks Craps World Record

This casino jackpot win saw, Patricia Demauro, a grandmother from New Jersey, break the world record for the longest craps roll and the most successive dice rolls without “sevening out”. She rolled her pair of dice 154 times continuously and has never revealed how much she won at Atlantic City’s Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa. The odds of doing this are 1 in 1.56 trillion. Gambling experts have speculated on how much she might have won and have stated that if she made good bets she probably took home hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Online Casino Winner Doesn’t Spend a Penny

This story is about a lady named Katherine who won an online casino jackpot without spending any money. The win came from a free spin at where the British resident won 1,200 without making a deposit. The 32-year-old player from Merseyside was sitting at home when she decided to visit a site offering online casino coupons and exclusive bonuses and after logging into her casino account, she started playing the Neon Staxx slot with 5 free spins. She started winning spin after spin and was soon converting her winnings into cash. Using her cash earnings, she spun again and won the 1,200 jackpot.

Man Wins $100,000 but it’s Paid to Girlfriend

This bizarre casino jackpot win warns of the important of pressing the button yourself. Jan Flato was playing at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino near Fort Lauderdale. He asked his friend, Marina Medvedeva Navarro, to push the button for his for good luck. She did and the reels landed on the $100,000 jackpot. What a lucky friend indeed. Unfortunately for Flato, the money was paid to Navarro and not him because she pressed the button and casino rules state that the money goes to whoever pressed the button. So, next time you’re playing slots, don’t let anyone try a lucky spin for you.

Jackpot Win plus Deportation

There are a lot of bad luck casino stories out there about people who win big only to lose it all. For an Arizona woman, her luck quickly turned to despair. She won a $1,200 jackpot at a local casino. She rushed to cash out her winnings and was asked to show her passport. She didn’t do this and this led to questioning and the discovery that she was in the US illegally. Not only did this lady not get to collect her winnings, but she was also deported back to Mexico.

FedEx Saved by a Casino Jackpot

It seems that the 300,000 thousand people employed by Fedex owe their jobs to a casino jackpot. All the way back in 1973 the company was in trouble and with just $5,000 in the bank and a $24,000 fuel bill, Fred Smith took the last of his money and headed to Las Vegas. He turned his last $5,000 into $27,000 playing blackjack, and this put him on his way to becoming one of the wealthiest men on the planet. Las Vegas has been known to pay out some whopping jackpots over the years. Check out the nine biggest Vegas jackpots.

Life Changed in 20 Seconds

A British man, Ashley Revell, changed his life in just 20 seconds when he placed an all or nothing bet on a roulette game. He’d cashed in everything he’d owned and placed a $136,000 bed on red. Twenty seconds later he walked away with $272,000.

8-Year-Old Beats the Pros

This last weird and unusual casino jackpot win hasn’t ever been officially confirmed but it is a great story. It is claimed that back in 2010 an 8-year-old boy from India beat off all the pros and won $500,000 playing in an online poker room. It is said that the boy is a computer genius and was using his uncle’s poker account when he won the jackpot. The poker room refused to payout because of his age and the family insisted the website knew is age and had dubbed him the “little poker wizard”.

Play and Win With Casino Slots

Casino slots games are really popular and there are some massive progressive jackpot games that you can play. Microgaming have the world’s largest progressive network and their progressive jackpot slots seed at 1 million. Winning one of these jackpots can change your life in an instant. Of course, to do this you need to know how to play slots games and use the strategies that will enhance your chances of winning. There are lots of sites that provide information on how to how to beat the slots so be sure to check these out if you plan on trying to win big.