Guy Confronts Massive Bull Moose While Wearing A Moose Hat And Holding An Antler

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There were only a few inches between Jason Morneau Tremblay and this huge bull moose, but that didn’t stop him from being completely idiotic and taunting the moose.

Wearing a ‘moose’ hat and holding an antler, Tremblay goes hoof to hoof with the massive beast and eventually scares the moose away.

This type of behavior towards wild animals isn’t typically recommended. The moose could have charged Tremblay and serious injured him, if not killed him.

Here’s another crazy encounter with a moose! A bow hunter was almost taken out by a massive moose!

Man I thought he had me,” the hunter explains in the video. “I was just waiting for my ribs to start cracking and my legs to start breaking. That’s the closest encounter I think I’ve ever had with an animal.