23 Awesome Hair Styles That Will Have You Winning ‘Crazy Hair Day’!

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There were two days every year that I remember absolutely loving in grade school. Pajama day and crazy hair day! Crazy hair day allows kids and their parents to express their wild and crazy side and boy oh boy are kids getting wild with their styles!

Here are 23 super creative, awesome hairstyles that you can totally use as inspiration for your child’s next ‘crazy hair day’!

1. Just a little off the top please!


2. Surfs up!

crazy hair day ideas Break007 / Reddit

3. Spin it!


4. This is one creative family!

crazy hair day ideas Meekoiscool / Reddit

5. Island paradise! 


6. Everything runs better on Dunkin’

 hairgirlcc / Instagram

7. This is very calming


8. Fall is here!

 Cyfork / Instagram

9. A busy bee!


10. So awesome!

 Cyfork / Instagram

11. Adorable!

 coconutkisspg / Intagram

12. Somewhere over the rainbow!

 bwilliamsOn / Intagram

13. Why hello there!

 hairashleyballout / Insta

14. Party on top!

 shindseyy / Instagram

15. Animal Party!

 bemseekay / Instagram

16. She has eyes in the back of her head!

 miris_things / Instagram

17. Oh Christmas Tree!

 BatDubb / Imgur

18. Zipper head!

 Shindsey7 / Instagram

19. Genius

 rowrowrowyoursinglescull / Imgur

20. Peace Bro

 Palo / Flickr

21. Spidey! 


22. Cupcakes anyone!

 the.breaus.nest / Instagram

23. This will always be a personal favorite!