Crazy ‘Man/Woman/Thing’ Murders Woman In Freezer Section Of Supermarket Has Dark & Eerie Past

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crazy lady stabbing

Saco, Maine: A 59-year-old mother of five was grocery shopping inside Shaw’s Supermarket when her life was sadly taken by 31-year-old Connor MacCalister.

Police state that MacCalister slit the throat of Wendy Boudreau for no apparent reason and it is believed that the two women do not have a connection.

The stabbing took place near the ice cream freezers inside the Shaw’s Supermarket.

Officials say two local EMTs were in the store at the time of the attack and immediately started giving Boudreau medical assistance. She later died at the hospital.

Connor’s mugshot along with her name is causing confusion in regards to the gender of the suspect. All news reports are stating ‘Connor’ is a ‘she’ so we will let you be the judge of that.

Taking a look at Connor’s Facebook page which doesn’t appear to have been updated for sometime, we can see that Connor was a very disturbed individual. The Facebook posts date back to 2009 and are filled with gore and death images and statements. It also appears, based on the photo’s, that Connor was enlisted as a United States Marine.

What causes such a gruesome attack to take place at random? Where these Facebook posts clear warning signs of something horrific to come? Are these signs that we should look deeper into in order to stop such tragedies?


Very odd comments given the current circumstances


Probably not a photo you want on the ol’ Christmas card


Rather dark



Out of all the things to share…

Saco Police took MacCalister into custody at the store and she was interviewed by State Police detectives who informed her after 7 p.m. that she was being charged with murder.