Crazy Things Guys & Girls Think When Their Crush Doesn’t Immediately Text Them Back

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We have all been there. We shoot a text to the guy or girl we are crushing on and boom…we wait…and wait…and wait some more for a text to be returned. Sometimes a reply is sent in mere seconds, other times minutes and even hours can go by without a reply. It really doesn’t matter how long it takes for a reply, because as soon as we hit the send button…the craziest of thoughts starting flooding our minds.

*The worst is when we send out a lengthy text that we for some reason feel requires a deep, meaningful response and we get the infamous ‘K’ text reply. WTF is that?

Here are some things we all think while we await the text back.

“What the hell are they doing?”


“Maybe they are thinking of the perfect thing to write back”


“He/She always text me right back, something sketchy is going on I know it”


“Jesus H, it has almost been three minutes…this is so not like her/him”


“Maybe I should call”


“Weird that when your friend texted you the other day while you were right in front of me, you responded immediately”


“Clearly I’m not important enough”


“Ugh…they are totally making the sweetest of love with someone else right now”


“I know you are staring at your phone right now!”




“How many fucking times does your ‘dog’ need to go for a walk?”


“He/She is totally sending someone else texts right now, I know it”


“I’m so done with this shit”


“Since when can’t you text at work?


“Just because you are around your family right now means you can’t send a quick text?”


“Whatever…not even going to let this bother me”


“Hellllllooooo, WTF…this is pissing me off”


“watch…he/she will just write back ‘k’…like that is something I want to read”


“I knew he/she wasn’t into me, I freaking knew it”


“Maybe he/she was in a car accident”


“Why am I pacing?”


“Maybe I should try calling”


“He/she probably just doesn’t have good reception right now”


“Bullshit, this is 2015…everyone has decent reception”


“I am totally going to follow up his/her reply with a question as to what the fuck they were doing for the last 14 minutes it took them to reply”


“Great…once I do that…it’s going to start a fight”


“Awesome…a fight…but clearly they are hiding something”


“I don’t care…whatever”


“Maybe my phone’s vibration setting is messed up, I’ll check it”


“It’s working”


“Great…so it’s working and I still don’t have a reply”


“He/She must have been pretty dirty to be in the ‘shower’ this f’ing long”


“Did I send my text to the right number?”






“Yea K”


“Son of a bitch”

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