Creepy Girl Blows Judges Away On Got Talent Global With Freaky Magic

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creepy girl got talent magic

A young woman named Riana recently appeared on Asia’s version of America’s Got Talent and she really freaked out the judge and audience members with her magic act.

Riana entered the stage without saying a word and looking eerily similar to the creepy girl in the movie ‘The Ring’. Obviously she was holding a creepy, weird doll too.

See her 2018 America’s Got Talent Performance HERE (5/29)

Judges tried asking Riana questions but she immediately went into her routine, which was extremely freaky, yet cool!

In the routine Riana made a key move with her mind and a deck of cards split in two. The creepiest part however, was when Riana took a picture of one of the judges at the beginning of her performance and when the photo was revealed…a ghostly image of Riana was standing next to the judge in the picture.