VIDEO | Family Of Elephants Save Baby Elephant From The Jaws Of A Crocodile

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When you are family, you stick together and always have each others back! That was the case in the video below when a crocodile latched on to a baby elephant’s trunk and tried to make him a meal.

Russian tourist, Alexander Makanga was on a trip to Africa when he caught this ‘real life’ wild moment on camera…and it is quite the video. The dangers of the wild are real and this is a perfect example of that.

As the baby elephant is nearing the rivers edge to get a drink a massive crocodile lunges for and latches on to his trunk. The herd of elephants immediately started to roar and come to the aide of the ‘little’ elephant. The crocodile eventually released its grip on the elephant and the situation was defused.

It sure was a tense moment though!


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