Crocs And KFC Debut Chicken-Scented Clogs

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Crocs and fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken have paired up in an unexpected partnership to cook up something quite unique: chicken-scented shoes.

The companies promoted the footwear via social media.

The limited-edition clogs will be available for purchase online Tuesday (07/28/20)

A vibrant image of crispy, fried chicken is printed on the majority of the shoe, while the base reflects KFC’s signature red and white colors.

Each pair comes with two drumstick-shaped charms that can be pinned into the clogs. The charms are made to “resemble and smell like fried chicken,” according to the companies.

Crocs and KFC tapped artist and social media influencer MLMA to be the face of the collaboration.

“Crocs and KFC’s collaboration feels high fashion to me,” she said in an interview with Paper magazine. “Because they are doing something different that’s fun and creative … Why not?”

How much will these savory bad boys cost? Nobody knows yet! I guess we will just have to wait until Tuesday!