Cutest Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

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The butterfly is commonly used as a tattoo because of its beauty. You can choose to get a butterfly tattoo to reflect the beauty of the animal on your body.

However, you should know that this kind of tattoo can be done in so many different ways. Here are some amazing ideas for a butterfly tattoo that you may like.

1. Hypnotic Butterfly Design With Internal Bicep Tattoo

It is just a simple yellow fly with an amazing pattern of waves of smoke laid over the tattoo. The pattern can also be twists of water.

These patterns are very simple, but they add uniqueness to your butterfly tattoo. As the name suggests, this tattoo is done on the internal bicep of the woman’s arm.

2. Two Little Butterflies on the Arm

For this idea, two butterflies are drawn on the arm, and they are quite small in size. The butterflies are made of lines of solid black, and no shading is added for this idea. This gives the tattoo a lighter feeling and simplicity.

3. Upper of the Forearm Two Butterflies’ Tattoo

Created by aligning a big butterfly under your arm and somehow on the inside of the forearm while a smaller fly is positioned close to your elbow.

However, for this idea, you can use any style, either with shades or without, and it will look perfectly good. In most cases, butterfly tattoo designs are put on the forearm.

4. Double Flower Butterfly Tattoos

This idea gives a unique look. It gives an illusion of a sheet lantern that has a flower inked printed on it. However, the illusion is not just an illusion but exactly what the tattoo looks like.

These tattoos are mostly about florals and leaves paired with the butterfly shape as the art canvases.

5. Three Attractive Butterflies Inked in Black on a Woman’s Thigh

An alignment of three butterflies looks very beautiful on a woman’s thigh. In these butterfly tattoo ideas, every butterfly has a unique shade or pattern.

The butterflies also have unpainted space to shed some light on the inked parts. The trio of butterflies makes an interesting look on the butterfly tattoo.

6. Double Galaxy Purple Butterfly Tattoo Ideas on the Ankle

This idea gives a very beautiful look. However, coming up with this artwork requires a very experienced or talented professional.

The art feature the stars, the moon, and the moon inside canvases of the butterfly. This idea is among the most beautiful art of butterfly tattoos.

7. Double Gray and White Butterflies on a Floral Bud

The most amusing thing about this tattoo is the white ink featured in some parts of the art. The white ink adds a depth of realism that could be featured if only if this ink was used.

Not many artists have skills in using white ink, so you should consider checking the portfolio of the artist before going for this idea of a butterfly tattoo.

8. A Small and Sassy Butterfly Tattoo Idea on the Wrist

The wrist is a very cute location on the body to put a butterfly tattoo. This idea is created by inking a butterfly on the wrist using black ink.

To achieve the best final look, you should consider having the butterfly face to face with the hand in order to have the wings of the butterfly symmetrical to the wrist.

9. A Single-Line Butterfly Tattoo

Single-line tattoo arts give a vibe of their own. This idea is created by doing art of only one single lined butterfly shape. You can ink this tattoo on any part of the body that you like.

10. Butterfly Triceps Tattoo

As the name suggests, this idea is created by having a butterfly inked on the biceps. The line work of the butterfly art should be simple and clear.

11. Negligible Outline Tattoo Idea With Fire Signs

It is done by incorporating butterfly and flames art in one tattoo. This tattoo also requires to be done by an expert for perfect results.

12. Geometry Triceps Tattoo Idea

It features modest geometric fragments of line-artwork butterfly. This idea is unique and looks well executed if done by an expert. A butterfly design imprinted on the bicep will always look great no matter the type of artwork used.