Dad’s Disney Surprise Turns Autistic Daughter’s Dream Into A Super Sweet Reality.

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dad beauty beast surprise daughter autism

Twitter user Carleigh V. shared a video to her timeline that proves her dad is truly one in a million. When Carleigh’s older sister Allison, who has autism, decided she wanted to dress up as Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” for Halloween, her dad decided to make some magic happen for her.

Carleigh wrote: “My older sister Allison has Autism and she wanted to be Belle for Halloween. My dad decided to surprise her and dress up as the Beast.”

In the video, Allison walks elegantly down a staircase dressed as Belle while the song from Beauty and the Beast plays. The doorbell rings and when Allison opens it, she is greeted by her dad, dressed in an authentic Beast costume.

The two share a dance and it’s truly a magical father/daughter moment.

What a dad!!!