Dad Calls 911: “I Left My 1-Year-Old Baby In My Car On Accident”

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A Quincy, Massachusetts father dialed 911 from a train yesterday. The father stated that he had left his one year old baby inside of his SUV on accident at the Quincy train station.

Before hopping on a train for work, the father of two had dropped one child off at school, but forgot to drop off his one year old at daycare.

The father was distraught and states his morning routine simply went on autopilot. The father finally made his way back to the station where we was greeted by the Quincy Fire Department, local police officers and his wife. The rescue workers were able to Slim Jim in to the car and retrieve the baby. The baby was fine and there were no charges pressed. I am sure there is not a charge in the world that would compare to how he will be handled by his wife when they get home!

Luckily it was early in the morning and the temperature was mild or this situation could have turned out much, much worse.

Source : Youtube