Dad Destroys Daughters Car After Finding Her ‘Fooling Around’ In It

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Dads will go to great lengths to protect their daughters. In this case, one father caught his daughter fooling around with a boy in her car.

Mike Card definitely fits into that “protective father’ category. The dad from Young Harris, Georgia, destroyed his daughter’s customized $13,000 Audi A4 by attacking it with a small digger because he caught her “fooling around” with a guy inside!

The whole crazy scenario was caught on camera by Card’s son, Kaylor, and uploaded for the entire world to see, captioning the footage, “Yep! When a dad has to prove a point! #DADDYNOTHAPPY,” along with a tag to his sister, Ashlyn.

Did the dad go too far? Is there really a ‘too far’ when it comes to a father’s love and protection for his little girl? I don’t think so.

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