Dad Edits Daughter’s Resume To Reveal Her True Personality

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Most parents will go out of their way to find their teenagers employment. If the child is making money, it eliminates the parent from having to front the cash every time a t-shirt goes on sale that their child ‘has’ to have.

One father, however, had too much on his mind to see the efforts that his daughter was attempting to make when she requested that he print off her resume so that she could pass it along to prospective employers. Instead of doctoring up the document to make her appear like a more articulate and strong candidate, he revealed some truths about her mannerisms that he was long fed up with, but maybe hadn’t expressed clearly.

For the girl’s personal profile section the father wrote:

I am a bone-idle and unreliable individual who is always on my phone. I am looking to work within business in the future, preferably doing as little as possible. I am proficient in Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. I also volunteer as a part-time swimming coach when I can be bothered.





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