Dad Pulls A “Billy Madison” And Pretends To Pee His Pants After His Daughter Had An Accident At School

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 Fox5 – A Utah dad is going viral thanks to the hilarious and compassionate way he handled his daughter’s accident at school.  On Friday, six-year-old Valerie lived every young child’s nightmare: she peed her pants at school. When her dad, Ben Sowards got the news that his daughter was crying and needed to be picked up from school, he said his heart broke. So, before leaving the house to pick up his embarrassed (and wet) daughter, Ben splashed some water on his pants. Yes, this dad pulled a “Billy Madison” in the best possible way.  

When he arrived at the school’s office, he quietly asked Valerie if he could borrow her backpack to cover up his “accident.” Valerie quickly went from tears to laughter at her father’s goofy gesture. Her older sister, Lucinda, posted about the incident on Twitter, and the Twitterverse went crazy over the act of solidarity.

‘You ain’t cool unless you pee your pants!” – Billy Madison

I am a father to a little girl just a few years older than Valerie and I must say, after hearing about this story I was a little teary eyed. There is no better bond in the world than that of a father and daughter and this little girl is some lucky to have such an incredible dad!

The key to life is laughter and this father nailed it! I have long said that embarrassment shouldn’t even be ‘a thing’, because one is only embarrassed because they are worried about what other people think…and that should never be an issue.

Props to Ben…he handled this situation like a rock star!

Just remember…I’m pretty sure that six is the cut off age for this type of situation. You can’t pee your pants in 6th grade and have your dad roll up to the junior high with a wet spot on his crotch to make everything alright! Although…that would be quite funny!

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