Dad Shows What Happens When You Leave Toddlers Alone For Just A Few Minutes

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Watching and caring for a pair or more of toddlers can be a full time job. Just leaving a couple of young children alone for just a few moments can turn your entire world upside down in an instance.

Florida father Paul Schettini learned this lesson all too well. His wife had been away at a teacher’s conference, and he was at home taking care of his young son and daughter alone.

“Everything had been going well,” he explained.”The kids were watching a movie and playing while I was in the kitchen. My daughter asked if they could go play in her room.” He obliged, thinking nothing of the request, and it wasn’t until exactly 7 minutes later, when he went to go check on the kids, that he realized they were up to no good.

Check out the video below to see what Paul found when he entered his children’s room! If you are a parent, there is no doubt you can relate with what Paul was feeling and seeing.


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