Dad Takes Revenge On Karate Instructor Who Kidnapped His Son

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This man’s son was abducted by his karate instructor and taken to California.  Two weeks later the boy was rescued and reunited with his family.  The father of the boy was having a very hard time dealing with the allegations that his son was sexually assaulted by the karate instructor.  As the instructor arrived at the airport, in police custody, the young boy’s father was there waiting.  A police officer was filming the suspect as he was escorted through the airport. As the suspect walked past a row of payphones, the boy’s father was there, turning a gun on the suspect and shooting him dead.

After all was said and done, the boy’s father made this point blank statement to law officials “If this was your kid you would have done the same”.

The father was charged with murder and was given only 5 years probation.  What would you do if you were put in this situation? Do you agree with the actions set forth by the father? Was 5 years probation too much, or not enough?

Source : Youtube