Dad Who Lost Job Because of Coronavirus Wins $3 Million ‘Set For Life’ Lottery

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An unnamed man in Australia recently received news that he was being laid off from work due to the coronavirus pandemic. With a wife and young baby at home, the news didn’t sit well.

According to the LADBible, the man was incredibly stressed, but that didn’t stop him from purchasing a couple dollars worth of Set for Life lottery tickets. And on Sunday, that purchase paid off — in a BIG way!

The man found out that he had won the Set for Life lottery, a prize that holds a rough value of about $3 million.

The money is paid out to the tune of $12,800 per month for the next 20-years!

According to the man he and his wife “didn’t sleep a wink” on the night they found they’d won.

“I checked my online account last night and saw I had won. I woke up my wife to tell her and she screamed.

“It’s unbelievable. I checked my online account so many times to see if it was real.”

He continued:

“We did not sleep a wink. We stayed up all night watching TV and talking about what we’re going to do. It is a wonderful feeling.

“We are a young family and we have a baby, so this will set us up for the rest of our lives.”

He added: “I recently lost my job because of [the virus], and so this just gives me complete relief. I have been so stressed lately, but now I am so happy. This gives us complete financial freedom. The possibilities are endless with this prize. This is a great feeling to have. I couldn’t be happier.”