Parents Who “Pranked” Their Kids On YouTube Have Lost Custody Of Two Children

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Two children were taken from the couple behind the YouTube “prank” channel DaddyOFive after their biological mother won temporary custody.

The Maryland couple behind the viral YouTube “prank” channel DaddyOFive have lost temporary custody of two of their children after a recent “kids prank” video sparked outrage and allegations of child abuse in the YouTube community. 

The couple has since deleted all of their videos, except one ‘public apology‘ video. Further below, you will find the ‘prank’ video that caused the couple to finally lose custody of the children. 

The biological mother and her attorney also released a video of their own, explaining what was taking place. 


The video below is a supposed ‘prank’ that the parents were pulling on the children. However, this is far from a prank. The mother is spilling invisible ink on the rug and blaming the children for ruining the rug. The children are screaming and crying and the mother and father are screaming like psycho’s. The language is foul and so is the entire concept. This is far from a prank. 

The sinister look and laugh coming from the mother is the creepiest aspect of the entire video. Those poor kids. 

Cody, who was taken away from the couple was often times a target of the couples shenanigans. In one video, he was shoved violently into a bookcase. 

What do you think? Should this couple have lost custody of the two children?

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