Dale Earnhardt Jr. Swears By This Banana And Mayo Sandwich Recipe

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. banana mayo sandwich recipe

NASCAR star Dale Earnhardt Jr. blew America’s culinary mind a few years back when he professed his love for banana and mayonnaise sandwiches.

In a tweet promoting sponsor Hellmann’s Mayonnaise that showed a photo of the snack, Earnhardt wrote “Making my favorite sandwich. I swear it’s delicious.”

I personally have never tried this sandwich as I think peanut butter and banana is about as far as I would take the ‘banana sandwich’, but apparently it is a local favorite in the south.

And this kid gave it a go and loved it!

Earnhardt Jr. claims that you don’t need a lot of mayo to make the sandwich tasty…”just go easy on it” he told NBC Sports. 

When asked if he would dip a banana into mayo and eat it, he replied, “Absolutely not.”

Here is Earnhardt Jr’s official mayo and banana sandwich recipe! 

Prep Time: 2 minutes
– One loaf of white bread
– One jar of Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise
– One bunch of bananas

1. Start with two slices of bread.
2. Spread a generous portion of Hellmann’s Mayo onto two slices of bread.
3. Peel bananas and cut in half, length wise.
4. Lay banana slices on bread (tip: DEJ prefers three slices), topping with the other slice of bread.
5. Enjoy!