Mother Warns ‘Do Not Touch This Caterpillar’ After Son Is Hospitalized

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dangerous poisonous caterpillar


Lauryn Mae Jordan has a warning for parent of curious children. ‘Do not touch this caterpillar!’

Jordan’s four year old son became violently sick after he accidentally touched the strange looking insect on their doorstep.

The little guy became overwhelmed with sever drowsiness and his face began to swell.

The caterpillar is covered in an irritant that can cause life-threatening asthma attacks, severe vomiting and skin rashes.

Due to the blurry picture of the above caterpillar in questions, experts have had a hard time defining which species of caterpillar it is, but they warn that any caterpillar with long hair or ‘spikes’ is not one you probably want to touch.

Some people seem to have more sensitive skin than others, particularly children, so to be on the safe side it’s always best to avoid direct skin contact with any hairy caterpillar,” Steve Ogden, from Wildlife Insight, said.

Jordan’s son (SWNS)

Parents beware Beau got bitten/stung by a caterpillar on Friday, then during the night he was sick while he was asleep & during the day very sleepy and constantly being sick,” she posted on Facebook. “Ended up at the hospital, luckily it was minor but it carries toxins and could have been much worse. Who knew caterpillars could do this.”