23 Dangerous Waters You Should Not Swim In

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It seems natural when visiting a place, to want to try its beaches, lakes, or rivers. Most of us enjoy swimming, especially in a new place. As there are those who are better swimmers, there are also those who seem fearless. Some places are deemed dangerous for swimming, yet there are some adventurous but foolish people who dare go against the dangers. Be it rip currents, pollution, or dangerous creatures, when a place is not safe for swimmers, you should not try your luck. Don’t think you can impress others by being the fearless one. You most likely will also be the ignorant and foolish one. There have been many cases where fatalities occurred because they did not heed the warning signs. And some places don’t have warning signs, but your common sense will tell you that you should not swim there.
Check out some places you should not swim in: