23 Dangerous Waters You Should Not Swim In

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The UK’s Blue Lagoon


Those who remember the 1980 film starring Brooke Shields and Chris Atkins marooned on a tropical island paradise may think this Blue Lagoon is also a paradise. The UK’s Buxton Derbyshire Blue Lagoon may look beautiful and pristine, but it has such a high pH level that it would be like swimming in bleach. Looks can be deceiving. The UK government has deemed this a dangerous place, yet many still flock to this toxic lagoon. Well, they figured that if the warning signs would not work, something else had to be done. So, the government dyed the water black, and it looks like a horror story instead of a paradise. Well, it should keep the people away, the lagoon also has garbage, waste, dead animals, and metal debris. Still, if there are ignorant people who still want to risk their health, there is really nothing else to do.