23 Dangerous Waters You Should Not Swim In

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Jacob’s Well


South-central Texas has an attraction that gets mixed reviews. Some consider it an awesome waterhole for good, clean fun. Others consider it a cursed place that lures the unaware. This is Jacob’s Well, a perennial karstic spring flowing from the bed of Cypress Creek. It has clear water that allows you to see into the large manhole inside, and is a popular local swimming spot. However, several deaths have been recorded since 1964. Most were novice open-water divers, as the manhole can go down to 120 feet deep, but has many tunnels and silted chambers. It attracts cave divers who want to explore the chambers and tunnels. Locals enjoy a dip in this waterhole, but the wise stay close to the surface. The deep lures the adventurous, and the foolish. So swim in it if you want, just don’t be one of the foolish.