23 Dangerous Waters You Should Not Swim In

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Bubbly Creek In Chicago

Chicago Tribune

This notorious stretch of the Chicago River is about 4.5 miles south of Downtown, past the Riverwalk, and away from the sightseeing boats. It is not really a creek, and you would not want to swim in it for sure. The stench alone should deter you as it is a depository for human and animal waste, blood, entrails, and meatpacking waste. It has been like this for decades at least. It “bubbles” from the decomposition of huge amounts of waste – a frothing pool of hydrogen sulfide gas and methane. Back in the day, it was the dumping ground for Chicago’s meatpacking industry. While some fish and plants thrive, it will not be safe for humans. Just imagine the diseases you can get if you even touched the water. If it smells like death, it probably can cause it.