VIDEO | Darts Like A Boss! Best Dart Trick Shots Ever!

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Most people enjoy a game of darts while partaking in a few beverage with friends, either at a local bar or maybe out in the garage. Getting a bulls eye can be a tough task, but we all try our damnedest don’t we?

Let me introduce How Ridiculous, a YouTube channel comprised of few dudes showing off their skills at doing ridiculous things. These guys have zero problems getting bulls eyes!

The How Ridiculous guys’ latest video involves them taking dart throwing to a whole new level showing off some pretty incredible trick shots. Watch as the guys throw darts out of a moving car, throw a dart board into the air and throw a dart at it while it’s spinning in mid air, throw darts from a ridiculously far distance, and a whole host of other trick shots I would have never thought to try. At one point, they even take their dart throwing under water.

Roll the clip to see the team complete some truly amazing shots with supreme accuracy.


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