Surprise! Darth Vader & Star Wars Cast Help Wife Tell Husband She Is Pregnant!

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Bryan Starr is a huge Star Wars fan and while on a recent trip to Disney, he got the surprise of a lifetime!

Bryan and his wife love Disney so much they had their honeymoon there three years ago and were finally able to return recently to the most magical place on earth.

While there, Bryan and his wife visited The Jedi Training Academy where Bryan’s wife had already set up a plan to have the cast of Star Wars help her surprise Bryan and let him know he is going to be a father!

Here is the incredible video! This newborn is going to have two of the coolest parents ever!

Here’s what Bryan’s wife had to say about her experience leading up to this big reveal!
While at Disney, I found out the most exciting news; I was pregnant! The second I saw those two lines, I immediately started planning how I could tell my husband.

The timing was seriously perfect. We were headed to Hollywood Studios the next morning, and he’s a huge Star Wars fan, so I knew characters from these amazing films had to be involved with the announcement.

As I avoided making eye contact with my husband, and trying not to say a word so that I didn’t spill the beans, I went to bed having no idea how I was going to pull this off.

When we arrived at Hollywood Studios I sent my husband to grab seats at the Indiana Jones show, and I faked feeling sick so that I could run off to see if my dreams could become a reality.

Of course the first place I went to was The Jedi Training Academy. It was there I found Chelsea and told her my seemingly impossible idea. She said it would be tough because that day was the last for the Jedi Training Academy because it was shutting down for three months while they expand the park. This makes the timing even more insane and perfect. She went off to check with the Star Wars cast and came back saying that they were going to take time out of their lunch to make my dream come true!

After the Indiana Jones show I talked my husband into staying through the whole Jedi Academy experience, and the rest is history!
We can’t thank Disney World, Chelsea and the Jedi Academy Cast & Crew enough for this truly magical experience!

By the way, the onsie says, “Judge Me By My Size Do You?”


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