Dashcam Captures Moment SUV Flies Off California Cliff

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A dashcam video has captured the moment an SUV flew off a Californian cliff.

The clip was released by San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday, as investigators attempted to piece together exactly what happened. Neither the vehicle nor its possible occupant or occupants have yet been found.

The incident occurred around 11 a.m. on Monday morning on Highway 1 near Gray Whale Cove State Beach in San Mateo County, the Mercury News reported.

The only witness to the accident was driving along scenic winding road when all of a sudden, the SUV appeared from around a bend, clearly going too fast to make the sharp turn. The vehicle, for whatever reason, doesn’t appear to make an attempt to turn either. The vehicle hits the corner at full speed, driving across the wrong side of the road and out over the cliffside, launching into the air before disappearing from view. The cliffside was not protected by a guardrail either.

The witness (the one with the dashcam) immediately contacted 911, sending the California Highway Patrol, the San Mateo County Fire Department and the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office scrambling in a desperate rescue effort to search the ocean at the base of the cliff.

Ocean depths can reach up to 40-feet plus in that area.

Investigators found tire tracks at the point the vehicle flew off the cliff; they also found car parts in the water, but could not determine if they were from the missing vehicle.

It is unknown how many occupants — if any — were in the car at the time; no bodies have been recovered.