David Attenborough, 94, Breaks Instagram Follower Record In Just Hours Time

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Sir David Attenborough has one of the most recognized and beloved voices in the world. Just about everyone on the planet has heard his voice at some point in their lives. The British broadcaster and nature historian has spent most of his 94-years on Earth educating humanity about the wonders of the natural world, inspiring multiple generations to care about the planet we all call home.

The man has voiced thousands upon thousands of documentaries, exploring earth, animals and the environment.

And now, David has decided to explore Instagram as a new way of communicating with the world. Not only has David joined Instagram, he broke an Instagram record almost immediately. David reached 1 million followers in record breaking time. The previous record was held by Jennifer Aniston, who hit 1 million followers in just 5-hours and 16-minutes time. However, David destroyed that record by reaching 1 million followers in 4-hours and 44-minutes. After a day on Instagram, David was at 3.4 million followers.

There are only a couple of videos on his Instagram account, but just watching the first video he posted, lets you know why so many want to follow him!

His voice is incredibly soothing and we can’t believe that this man is 94-years-old…crazy!

Attenborough fans will be happy to know that he has a new film coming out on Netflix called “A Life on Our Planet.” His second Instagram post introduces the film: