David Blaine Will Hold Helium Balloons To Float Across The Hudson River In Next Big Stunt

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Magician David Blaine has debuted a teaser trailer for an upcoming stunt he’s selling as a YouTube exclusive: floating across the Hudson River while holding some balloons on August 31. The project is called David Blaine Ascension, and it will be his first public stunt of this kind in nearly a decade.

Blaine is channeling his inner ‘UP’, in reference to the 2009 Pixar movie in which an old man ties a bunch of helium balloons to his house and floats across the sky.

Another inspiration for Blaine’s newest stunt is daredevil ‘Lawnchair Larry’, who flew to 15,000 feet of altitude in a lawn chair attached to helium balloons. His flight turned daunting as he struggled to stop ascending and then descending too rapidly.

Lawnchair Larry

Lawnchair Larry endured a frightening test spending 14 hours at that cold extreme height and then drifted into protected space over LAX airport. His trip is now forever remembered at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum.