Day Clubs in Vegas: a Must-Do Attraction

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Las Vegas is on almost everyone’s bucket list of places to visit when thinking about an exciting holiday. The attractions are both bountiful and varied, which makes it the obvious choice for all. If you’re into the party scene and want to flaunt your new bikini (or speedo), here’s what you need to know.

Las Vegas is known for its party and entertainment culture. Watching world-famous entertainers, such as illusionist David Copperfield, can quickly become a reality if you know where to look. Similarly, if you’re in the mood for a night out on the town or even an afternoon, you can’t go wrong with a pool party.

Dancing with your friends or even just soaking up the sun at Las Vegas pool parties is a fabulous way to let loose. In this regard, Vegas offers a host of day clubs which are tailored to those who aren’t night owls or those who simply want to start the party a little earlier. Most day clubs are conveniently located at major hotels on the Las Vegas Strip.

The Strip is known worldwide for being the beating heart of Las Vegas, and we’ve all seen the mesmerizing light displays, which are entrenched in its nightlife culture. Few, however, are aware of the fact that this city is equally exciting and thrilling during the day.

Pool Parties on Day Clubs


Day clubs are different from their night-time counterparts in that they offer all the delights that Vegas has to offer, with the addition of being able to sip on cocktails poolside and working on your tan. Day clubs are also a popular option for the party-goer that wants to relax. In addition to having the option of lounging by the pool all day while listening to your favorite beats, most day clubs offer a bottle service, which amounts to you being waited on for a fee.

Taking advantage of other VIP offers that some clubs offer when you can, like private security, personal servers, and reserved areas just for you and your friends is never a bad idea. Naturally, online guides such as Jack Coltonoffer a well of information when it comes to pointing you in the right direction. Famous DJs and singers perform at Las Vegas pool parties all year-round during the day and the night.

Doing some research beforehand is sure to make your stay in Vegas a lot easier and more enjoyable. Not only are you certain to be overwhelmed by the choice of food and accommodation available, but you will also be blown away by the options you have when it comes to activities too. Day clubs are unique in that they give you the feeling of being on a beach in Ibiza or lounging by the pool in Monte Carlo in the summer, with the excitement of Vegas nightlife just a few hours away.

If you’re a mixed group of friends with different interests or maybe different energy levels, consider giving day clubs a chance. There’s something for everyone.