Daycare Worker Writes A Note On Baby’s Stomach To Shame His Mom Into Packing More Diapers

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daycare writes on baby with marker

Via: Facebook

One Florida mother is not impressed with how her child’s daycare chose to communicate with her about her child.

A daycare worker in Sanibel, Florida sent a note to a mom by writing on her baby with a marker. The daycare worker wrote: “Mom I’m out of diapers. Please read my report” on the child’s stomach.

Via: Facebook

Heather Chisum, the child’s mother was extremely outraged, as she should be!

“Immediately I was upset. I didn’t know what to do. I called family, I said, ‘Is this something I should be upset about? Am I overreacting?’ They told me I wasn’t,” Chisum said.

Chisum has given her child a few baths in order to remove the marker, but the writing could still be seen after a few failed washing attempts.

In a statement, the Children’s Education Center of the Islands apologized. The executive director admitted it was a “breach of our professional ethics” and the school has fired the teacher responsible.

Chisum says she sees several teachers during drop off and pick up every day and if they had told her about the diapers, she would have taken care of it.