Will This ‘Deepfake’ Video Of Obama Talking About Fake Videos Fool You?

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deepfake video president obama

Deepfakes are real, they are here and they’re super scary.

The videos, which use realistic generated audio and AI features to make it appear as if someone is saying or doing something that they may have never said or done. These types of videos have been around for a long time, but they were mostly in the porn industry.

Now that we are in the era of fake news and our president is a Twitter connoisseur, the horrifying and crazy threat of deepfakes to politicians and world leaders seems is among us.

BuzzFeed posted a tongue-in-cheek deepfake of President Obama that was almost as horrifying as it was funny. Along with the caption “you won’t believe what Obama says in this video ;),” BuzzFeed posted the doctored video of President Obama talking about deepfakes and President Trump.

(They also published a guide to spotting deepfakes.)

It sure is scary.