Store Owner Chases Off Curious Deer — It Returns Later, This Time With Back Up!

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Close encounters with wildlife are fairly normal in Colorado. Elk, deer, bison and other wildlife tend to stroll into mountain towns often, sharing the streets with the locals. Animals sharing the streets is one thing, animals walking right into an open business is another! 


Lori Jones, who manages a small store attached to the Horsetooth Inn & RV Park right outside of Fort Collins, Colorado, was helping a customer when she looked up to see a wild doe just stroll casually into the store. Like any other store owner who sees a deer in their store, Lori snapped a few pics.

deer inside store

“It was hilarious,” Lori said, adding the doe showed special interest in the sunglasses and the chips. “I was laughing so hard.”

Lori managed to lure the deer back outside using a peanut bar as bait, then continued along with her day. So she was more than a little surprised later that day when she walked out from the back office and discovered the deer back in the store. But this time, she’d brought the entire family! Clearly this family was in need of some goods! 

deer inside store

“They were just looking in the doorway like, ‘Can we come in too?’ I said, ‘No,’” Lori recalled. “It was so funny.”

Lori again managed to get the deer back outside and to a nearby field simply by telling ‘mom’ to ‘take her children back home’.