Delivery Statuses: How To Decode Them

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E-commerce is becoming the order of the day for most people around the world. With a global market cap of $8 trillion, online shopping is said to be one of the leading sectors in the global economy. As more people join the train of stress-free shopping, the need to educate the newcomers on some of the terms associated with online buying and selling has become imperative.

Decoding Delivery Statuses

In part of this article, you will learn some of the coded words and phrases used by e-commerce platforms when delivering goods and services to their customers.

En Route

Anytime you get a notification detailing “En Route ” from your e-commerce tracking platform, it means your package has left the warehouse and is on its way to your expected location. Before this point, the estimated time for your package to be delivered through a specific route must have been calculated and sent to you. Your delivery date depends on how far your goods have to travel before they get to you. When in transit, your goods are in the hands of the courier who has been tasked with ensuring that it arrives safely.

En Route Arriving Late

When you see this notification, you do not need to panic. This message is simply notifying you that your package is on the way but due to some unforeseeable circumstances, it will not be arriving on the expected date. It may also mean the carrier is moving at a slow pace and your goods will be arriving late. If by any chance you are having doubts about the safety of your parcel you can easily track it using the tracking number tagged to it on your mobile phone.

Ready To Go

This means that the manufacturer or seller has finished preparing your item for shipment but is still waiting for the carrier to pick it up for delivery. At this point, information like your tracking number must have been sent to you. It is also important to get the contact details of the carrier, so you can track him as he brings your goods to you.

Ready For Pickup

Your order has arrived but it is being held at the pickup station awaiting for collection. You only get this notification when you tick the pick-up station box instead of door to door delivery as your preferred place of collecting your package. Also, when you are not home to sign your package when it arrives, you will have to go pick it up at the station.

Out For Delivery

This means your package has left the mail office or warehouse to the delivery van. The difference between out for delivery and en route is that here your package is expected to arrive within the next 12 hours. While en route, your goods will be expected to arrive in days or weeks. If for any reason, your goods did not arrive within the said time, it can be that the delivery man has been involved in an accident or held up in traffic. If after three working days your package hasn’t arrived then you can start contacting the delivery man or agency because your package might have been lost.


Before you order any items online, it is important to understand these words and phrases, to enable you to better track your goods. For the best tracking results, you must ensure you request the tracking number of your goods and constantly be in contact with the carrier or agency responsible for delivering your package. Online shopping is easy and has been made even easier with delivery applications. You can buy products and rest assured that your product will be delivered while you track the progress.